The master of the Sports Class

The new Queen2 went through a total redesign compared to its successful predecessor. The goal was to bring another dimension of performance into the EN C class, and we feel certain that this ambitious goal has been reached. The Queen2 excels in many ways, by bringing not only the best performance in its class, but also by being a very well-mannered royal lady in the air. We think of the Queen 2 as a "mid-level" EN C glider which will fulfill and supersede the expectations of any pilots going big in this class.
Preserving the aspect ratio nearly unchanged compared to the predecessor, the Queen2 will inspire confidence in all the variable conditions which you may face during long XC flights. We increased the number of cells, both to acquire a more sleek canopy shape and in order to build a more complex internal "space frame". This new internal construction brings the torsion resistance of the wing to a level that makes it super solid above your head when needed. The new internal layout contributes significantly to the improved climbing ability, as well as the ability to convert bumps into energy during turbulent transitions.
As it turns out, the climbing is where you will notice the most impressive improvements compared to the original; the Queen2 really amazed our R&D team while they were comparing the new wing against its older royal sisters. It is a very well-coordinated wing, with a great feel for the air around the pilot.


Urban Valic:

"The Queen2 is built with one very specific objective in mind; to be the highest-performing EN C wing on the market today! But it wouldn't be a Triple Seven design if it wasn't also a true pleasure to fly, and a very easy wing in its class too - just like all our other high-performance models."

Technical data and sizes

Size S MS ML L
Number of cells   73


Projected area (m2)   21.4    
Flat area (m2)   25.3    
Projected span (m)   9.9    
Flat span (m)   12.6    
Projected Aspect Ratio   4.6    
Flat aspect ratio   6.3    
Glider weight (kg)   5.2    
In-flight weight range (kg)   79-99    
Certification LTF/EN C* C C* C*
Test reports Test report Test report Test report Test report
Sticker Sticker Sticker Sticker Sticker
Line plan Line plan Line plan Line plan Line plan
Latest manual EN 



Leading edge Dominico 30D MF
Upper surface Dominico 20D MF
Bottom surface  Dominico 20D MF
Profiles Porcher Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29 
Diagonals Porcher Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29 
Mini-ribs Porcher Skytex 40 Hard 9017 E29  
PPSL Liros, Edelrid A-8000-U
Fabric 13 mm Kevlar reinforced Nylon webbing
Pulleys Harken P18mm ball bearing pulley



Main features 

  • Performance-wise the Queen2 is a high-end EN/LTF-C glider
  • From a passive-safety point of view it is however much more comparable to the mid-level wings in this class - no hidden surprises!
  • Great stability and neutral behaviour in strong thermals, for ease of piloting
  • Clean canopy with complex, refined sail tensions and elaborate internal construction
  • Direct handling with precise, intuitive control
  • Three liner concept, with considerable line reduction (LR) and materials, for reduced drag and better gliding performance
  • BPI - back position intake technology for spin and stall resistance and good stability at high speeds
  • Reinforced leading edge (RLE), Smooth Trailing Edge reinforcements (STE) together with (BPI) for greater stability and good gliding performance through its wide speed range
  • Completely new aerofoil based on our King (EN D)
  • Low induced drag wing tip (LDW)
  • Full span distributed panels orientation streamlined to airflow direction
  • Improved 3d shaping (ballooning) on the leading edge
  • Easy on the ground and in the air
  • Born with B/C steering system, for fast, efficient gliding
  • EN / LTF C

Package includes:

  • Glider QUEEN 2
  • Backpack
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Repair kit
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • USB key with manual


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