Warranty & Product Registration

Triple Seven Warranty

All Triple Seven products are fully warranted for 24 months, against material defects that are not result of normal use or accidental damage.

Checks and control

To ensure wings airworthiness a glider has to be periodically serviced and checked, as this will guarantee that the glider will continue fulfilling EN certification results and extend your glider’s life span. We recommend line check and trim inspection every 100 hours or 12 months depending what happens first. After that the glider needs to be fully checked after 150 hours or 24 months of usage, which ever comes first. This inspection includes suspension lines check, line geometry, riser geometry and permeability of canopy material. A certified inspector can then define a check interval depending on the glider’s condition. Please note that condition of the glider can vary considerably depending on the type of usage and environment.

Glider Registration Form

To fully use all Triple Seven maintenance and warranty services you need to register your glider within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us regarding any additional information.