Discontinued gliders

Gliders that have been discontinued and are no longer beeing produced.

King of The Sky EN/LTF-D

King is a classic three liner wing, placed in D class. During the development of the wing, we were able to construct a canopy of clean shape that gives you a pleasant safe feel throughout the wide speed range. The handling is precise and playful yet when needed, brakes can be pulled down to tighten up the core. The traditional stability of Triple Seven gliders wings is well printed also in the King, bringing a big margin of safety for the pilots in this class.


The P-LIGHT is a super light 2.7 kg mini-wing, based on our Pawn school glider. It is designed for fun and ease of piloting in a wide range of conditions and places. It can be used in lots of different aerial playgrounds, like coastal soaring, Hike&Fly mountaineering, dynamic free flying and thermalling. The P-Light is also ideal for traveling. Although extremely light and with special 60g Dyneema risers, it still features a fully functional, usable speed system.