Discontinued gliders

Gliders that have been discontinued and are no longer beeing produced.


The P-LIGHT is a super light 2.7kg mini-wing, based on our Pawn school glider. It is designed for fun and ease of piloting in a wide range of conditions and places. It can be used in lots of different aerial playgrounds, like coastal soaring, Hike&Fly mountaineering, dynamic free flying and thermalling. The P-Light is also ideal for traveling. Although extremely light and with special 60g Dyneema risers, it still features a fully functional, usable speed system.

Rook - XC Superstar EN/LTF B

ROOK is the glider made for intermediate pilots dreaming of cross-country flying adventures. Glider’s technical design is based on the experience and technology of competition wings, with great emphasis on ease of flight and safety. After extensive computer work technical design development, numerous test flights and comparisons, the glider is already in production. Glider has passed EN/LTF B certification.

Queen - High performance EN/LTF-C

Queen is developed for maximum performance while maintaining the ease of flight of EN/LTF-C class glider. This glider is designed to be your next step in XC and competitions flying. Queen is EN-C, LTF-C class glider, designed for intermediate and advance pilots. This glider is developed for maximum performance in its class and beyond.

Skewer - Speed flying glider

The Skewer is speedflying glider launchable by foot. It was developed for pilots practising mountaineering, hike & fly adventures or pilots enjoying in speed adrenaline rides down the mountain. It also offers possibility of soaring in stronger winds, ground training and handling. Skewer is the only thing that will bring smile on your face in winter time!