The new Rook 4

Durable by Design, Lightweight by Nature

Queen 3

Setting new standards once more


The new Matrix

Your wingman for every adventure


The new Q-light 3

Dare to perform


The new Knight 2


Total confidence!

The new Queen 3

Setting new standards once more


Bishop Header 777 triple seven

The new Bishop

Your most reliable partner


The new K-light 2


Easy on your mind and on your back

R-light 3 lightweight paraglider enb

The new R-light 3

Calling for an adventure!


rook3 rook 3 triple seven

The new ROOK 3


Expanding your flying horizons

king2 king triple seven

The new KING 2


2, too rule them all


Triple Seven Latest news

  • Unlocking Innovation: Rook 4 Technical Insigh...

    7. May, 2024
    With the abundance of innovation implemented in our new Rook 4, we felt it was necessary to sit down with our designer, Aljaz Valic, and discuss all the main points of the des ...
  • Rook 4 / Durable by Design, Lightweight by Na...

    1. May, 2024
    The Rook 4 boasts so many innovations that we were bound to work on it for the last three years. A lightweight hybrid with lots of new functionalities is now ready for you in ...
  • Q-light 3 review from XC mag

    7. November, 2023
    The verdict Many manufacturers are producing two-line C wings. Triple Seven rejected the idea of moving to a two-line profile for this iteration of the Queen. The feeling is t ...

News from the field

  • Levi and Queen 3 win the Spanish liga nacional!

    23. August, 2023
    Levi Gyurka is flying the Queen 3 this season, and he got to win the Spanish Liga Nacional in sport class! He wrote to us: I got first prize in the Sport (En-C) category with ...
  • Lauris Pumpurs victorius again!

    31. July, 2023
    Congratulations to Lauris Pumpurs for another victorious win! Last week, he participated in the SRS Skywalk edition in Gemona, a renowned location known for its diverse tasks. ...
  • Rosanne Vaneeckhaute on podium with the R-lig...

    19. July, 2023
    Congratulations, on your impressive performance with the #RLight3 at the Belgian Paragliding Open 2023 in Krushevo! 3rd place in the Leisure Class, alongside Anatole Fontaine ...

Featured reviews

Q-light 3 After some glides with the other three liners C’s, The Q-light 3 showed me no less than a top-end glide for that category. I think the Q-Light 3 glide angle is unquestionably good. Flying next to my reference gliders in climb, I was impressed by the efficiency of the Q-light 3, as I could always match the best climber in that category.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
The Rook 3: The Rook 2 fans had to wait for a long time, but it was all worth it. The Rook 2 was already on the top of his game, but the new Rook 3 is improved in many areas.

Thermik magazine

Knight 2 On Knight 2, they combined very good performance, accessibility, and excellent agility, with a high degree of pleasurable flying.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe