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The new K-LIGHT

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Triple Seven Latest news

  • Q-light review

    14. May, 2019
    Sepp Schwitzer from made another honestly positive review of our Q-light lightweight EN/LTF C wing. The review is in the German language, but we’ve made a ...
  • The Gambit CCC

    14. April, 2019
    We’re very excited to finally announce the imminent release of the Gambit, our new top-of-the-stack CCC weapon!! We just received notice from Air Turqouise that the wing ...
  • Super Paragliding Testival 2019 in Kössen/Aus...

    8. April, 2019
    The Super Paragliding Testival is Central Europe’s big chance to actually demo just about every glider in the market all in one place, and we’re looking forward to ...

News from the field

  • Paragliding Winter Cup 2019

    8. March, 2019
    The first “real” PG XC comp of the European season is the “Winter Cup” right here in our back yard. We sent our Swiss-army-knife colleague Matjaz, who ...
  • Euro Accuracy Championships – Jaka Gore...

    25. September, 2018
    The European Championships were held last week in our ‘hood (almost anyway), up in Kobarid* in the Soca Valley. Our skilled team pilot and friend Jaka Gorenc, currently ...
  • Jaka Gorenc is the King of Accuracy – o...

    11. September, 2018
    Just in time for the upcoming European Championship in accuracy, our team pilot Jaka Gorenc (SLO) has the pleasure of seeing his own name at the top of the CIVL accuracy World ...

Featured reviews

Q-light When the complete package of overall performance and especially pleasurable feel and handling and strongly present, it’s the heart that influences the writings. For me it was indeed rewarding, to test fly this Q-Light S! A must to test fly if you are looking for a light companion for a hike and fly adventures or XC performance flying. And of course a very strong contender for the sports class competitions.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

"The keyword is performance - The construction with many nylon rods and thin lines makes itself noted in performance, especially at higher speeds with good stability and impressive glide performance" The Knight

Thermik magazine