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Triple Seven Latest news

  • Triple Seven compress bag

    3. February, 2021
    Pilots who want their wings packed small on their way to the top. Look no further; Triple Seven designed a compress concertina bag that will accommodate your wing. We’ve ...
  • King 2 review

    4. January, 2021
    While we were enjoying the festive times, Ziad was hard working on the King 2 review. Another wing from Triple Seven, another benchmark in performance. This time in a three-li ...
  • The new P-light 2

    14. December, 2020
    Reaching the mountain tops has never been easier. The new P-light 2 comes packed in specially tailored compress concertina bag, ready for your new adventures. With an emphasis ...

News from the field

  • Queen 2 wins again!

    3. August, 2020
    FatraCUp hosted the Czech & Slovak paragliding Championship, where Queen 2 outranked the podium again! Kuba Sto (POL) in the first place and Zsolt Ero (HUN) in the second ...
  • First victory for the Rook 3

    20. July, 2020
    Miguel Angel Vazquez Yeves flew the Campeonato España Velas B, a version of nationals for the wings in the B category. Miguel was sole one pilot with Rook 3 but managed to pl ...
  • Another podium for the Gambit (Spanish nation...

    13. July, 2020
    This time, Pedro Moreira from Portugal, placed second in the Campeonato España Open in Piedrahita. In a field of 150 pilots, Pedro was able to win two tasks out of 5. His com ...

Featured reviews

King 2 The overall performance of the 3 liners EN-D King 2 is reducing a little bit more the big gap of performance between the 3 liners and the 2 liners.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
The Rook 3: The Rook 2 fans had to wait for a long time, but it was all worth it. The Rook 2 was already on the top of his game, but the new Rook 3 is improved in many areas.

Thermik magazine

"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

Rook 3 Honestly, the Rook 3 is the best and most performant, pleasurable to fly, high-end EN- B glider I have ever tested. Period!

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe