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Triple Seven Latest news

  • Ziad’s interview

    31. March, 2020
    Hello, Aljaz, Urban! I hope you are all doing well with your family. The world is facing a serious pandemic and I just wanted to give some hope and information to the pilots t ...
  • Rook 3 insight (XC mag interview)

    13. March, 2020
    Media crew from Cross Country magazine visited the stand of Triple Seven at Stubai Cup and asked our Matjaz about the insights of the Rook 3 design. The talk follows the aspec ...
  • The Rook 3 is here!

    13. February, 2020
    We’re proud to announce the release of our first 2020 model, the NEW Rook 3 (High EN/LTF B). As you will probably know, the development of this new model has been a long ...

News from the field

  • Gambit wins again

    2. March, 2020
    The Asian part of the well known PWC circuit visited the world-famous site in Nepal Pokhara. Triple Seven team was happy to follow the development of three valid tasks where, ...
  • Queen 2 rules the skies of Valle de Bravo

    20. January, 2020
    Valle de Bravo is known for consistent but quite demanding conditions in January, and last week’s Monarca Open was no exception. 5 tasks were scored, and when the dust s ...
  • Queen 2 wins the BGD Weightless

    15. January, 2020
    The first FAI 2 competition in 2020 was held in Roldanillo-Colombia; the BGD Weightless. This new competition format benefits the lighter pilots, with scoring adapted for diff ...

Featured reviews

Q-light When the complete package of overall performance and especially pleasurable feel and handling and strongly present, it’s the heart that influences the writings. For me it was indeed rewarding, to test fly this Q-Light S! A must to test fly if you are looking for a light companion for a hike and fly adventures or XC performance flying. And of course a very strong contender for the sports class competitions.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

"The keyword is performance - The construction with many nylon rods and thin lines makes itself noted in performance, especially at higher speeds with good stability and impressive glide performance" The Knight

Thermik magazine