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Ziad has been working night-and-day to get his Queen 2 MS review ready, knowing that lots of people have been waiting for his verdict. And rather than trying to tell ya'll what he found, here's


Take on an adventure with a new K-light! We spent a day with former X-Alps athlete, Simon Čopi with the K-light on his back, walking up the mountain for a pure hike&fly day. Beautiful

Our excitement knows no bounds; we're officially announcing our latest and most eagerly awaited new model, the Queen 2. As usual, the first size to be certified and available is the MS, which is

Triple Seven introduces the brand-new K-light, an EN B certified lightweight version of their new EN B Knight. The new wing is already shipping in sizes MS and ML. The K-light is “everything the


We released the new video of the Knight glider. Specifications, beautiful imagery and much more so sit back and enjoy the ride.

At the recently concluded Dolomitenmann in Lienz/Austria teams of four competed for the trophy in a relay race, where an ultrarunner passes the baton to a paraglider pilot who does two flights with a


We're happy to say that the next Knight size is now duly stamped and accounted for, meaning production is getting into gear. Pilots who have preordered the Knight in ML should begin to see their


We came aware of the problems that have occurred on some of the Rook2 and King rolls with the extensive wear of the plastic rolls from Sprenger. After a careful look into the best options that we


Cross Country magazine has made a small interview with Matjaz about the recent and future projects that are in line at Triple Seven gliders.


News from the field

Our friend from Indonesia, Elisa Manueke, became paragliding accuracy world cup champion! Elisa was flying the Triple Seven Deck, thereby both proving his exceptional skills AND the Deck's


New rising star and Triple Seven team pilot, Johannes Baumgarten has been to traditional Hessische Meisterschaften competition in Greifenburg. With one of the best weekend where long flights have


...or above the home turf, as it were :-)

The Winter Cup is a popular early-season introduction to the XC comps season in Europe - and it takes place just a skip and a hop from the Triple


Mr. Takanobu Tsukahara won the Paragliding Accuracy Japan championship 2016 using the glider DECK.             
His result was 9 rounds with 26 points. His comment on the DECK is that it is

Our Team-Pilot Tim-Patrick Meyer has won the Sports Class of the German XC-Cup 2016 on his Rook 2. The XC-Cup is a regional online competition in the western part of Germany with more than 650


Hugh Miller, a well-known pilot who tests the wings for Cross Country magazine, had a pleasure to have the King for this season. While testing its limits for the review that he made, he was able


With the end of September, we get the winners of the XContest around the globe. Pilots winning the XC contests need to have special skills to overcome the fatigue of long flights, keep


An outstanding season is behind Adam Grzech, a team pilot of Triple Seven gliders. He was one of the first to receive the King, just in time for his trip to Brasil. It was matter of days when


The XC season is coming to an end here in the northern hemisphere and the first podiums are already being occupied with the pilots flying the King gliders. In Austria, the first place was taken by