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Triple Seven Latest news

  • Triple Seven at the Super Testival Kössen

    27. March, 2018
    The Super Testival from May 31st to June 3rd in Kössen is the greatest demo event in the paragliding industry, with just about every manufacturer AND all their products showi ...
  • Stubai Cup 2018

    5. March, 2018
    The annual Stubai Cup was again an almost unlikely success – with a Föhn forecast for all of Austria, anyone NOT familiar with the particular micrometeorological condit ...
  • reviews the Knight – we ...

    27. February, 2018
    The Spanish paragliding website ojovolador, run by Claudia Riquelme and Dani “Pana” Crespo, had our new EN B Knight in for a full review. Although we’re much ...

News from the field

  • Queen 2 domination in the Winter Cup

    17. April, 2018
    The Winter Cup is a Slovenian invention intended to take advantage of the protected weather patterns of the Slovenian heartland, and offer race-starved pilots a touch of respi ...
  • Triple Seven Team Pilot Jaka Gorenc is tracking

    27. February, 2018
    The Paragliding Accuracy World Cup is growing, in participation and in number of people following, and our Team Pilot Jaka Gorenc from Slovenia is right in there with all the ...
  • The Queen 2 – First triumph

    23. January, 2018
    Marko Hrgetic took a brand-new Queen 2 to Valle de Bravo in Mexico, to fly it in the 2018 Monarca Open. After 6 good tasks in a variety of conditions he ended up in 4th place ...

Featured reviews

"In turbulent and punchy cores, the Queen 2 climbs really fast! The brake authority are slightly reduced in turbulent cores, but still present and very good for a 6.3 AR, C glider. It ressembles the best ones in the C class in climbing ability even loaded at top. This is definitely a very fast climbing machine in well built thermals. For sure, any C glider will climb also, but not as fast"

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

"The keyword is performance - The construction with many nylon rods and thin lines makes itself noted in performance, especially at higher speeds with good stability and impressive glide performance" The Knight

Thermik magazine