Segmented Diagonal Tech – Triple Seven SDT technology

When paraglider manufacturers first started using diagonal ribs inside the canopies to reduce the number of suspension points and -lines, the default method was to have just one (perforated) diagonal running almost from cell opening all the way back to the C or D suspension point and beyond. At Triple Seven we were quick to notice that this method was sub-optimal particularly in the leading-edge region of the canopy – as the diagonal curved around the inside of the leading edge, the cloth would get warped and the load distribution exceedingly difficult to control. Our solution is to employ several separate diagonal ribs (see illustration), each shaped and cut precisely for the loads it is subjected to in flight. Not only does this extra effort translate into better load distribution and less wrinkles, it also increases canopy integrity in turbulence, to the benefit of real-life glide performance especially at higher speeds.

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