Expanding your flying horizons

We’re often told that “it isn’t the wing, it’s the pilot”. And while it is true that no wing will make a bad pilot great, it’s also true that an extraordinary wing WILL seriously improve your flying! The Rook 3 (EN B) is that wing; a paraglider to make the very most of YOUR skills.

New look!
The look is made to support the Triple Seven philosophy: Performance and safety optimisation above all. The new design uses the smallest number of seams possible. Just about every stitch in the canopy is there for performance purposes; only the contrast-coloured panels create this beautiful, racy look.
With the reduced number of seams we ended up with canopy with significantly reduced pressure leakage. Put simply, the canopy is pressurised to the maximum at every angle of attack.


Number of cells 61 61 61 61 61
Projected area (m2) 18.0 20.2 21.4 22.4 24.1
Flat area (m2) 21.3 23.8 25.3 26.5 28.5
Projected span (m) 8.6 9.1 9.4 9.6 10
Flat span (m) 10.9 11.5 11.9 12.1 12.6
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1
Flat aspect ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Glider weight (kg) 4.1 4.6 4.8 5 5.3
In-flight weight range (kg) 60-75 70-85 80-95 90-105 105-119
Certification LTF/EN B B B B B
test report,
Line plan
test report,
Line plan
test report,
Line plan
test report,
Line plan
test report,
Line plan
Latest manual EN EN EN EN EN


Upper surface Dominico N30 DMF
Bottom surface Dominico N20 DMF
Profiles Skytex Porcher 40 Hard
Diagonals Skytex Porcher 40 Hard
Mini ribs Skytex Porcher 40 Hard
Suspension and main lines PPSLS Liros, Edelrid A-8000-U
Fabric 13 mm Kevlar reinforced Nylon webbing
Pulleys Harken P18mm ball bearing pulley



  • Glider ROOK 3
  • Backpack BOX of your choice
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • Repair kit

Rook 3 News and competition results

Rook 3 ML size – certified

6. August, 2020

We’re happy to announce the certification of the Rook 3 ML size (90-105 kg). The wing is now ready for orders. You can place one with your local dealer HERE

First victory for the Rook 3

20. July, 2020

Miguel Angel Vazquez Yeves flew the Campeonato España Velas B, a version of nationals for the wings in the B category. Miguel was sole one pilot with Rook 3 but managed to place first in the field of 46 pilots. What an epic result that is! Congrats from the whole Triple Seven team! Overall results

The Rook 3 – review

1. June, 2020

Ziad from Dustoftheuniverse tested the new Rook 3: I have flown in the past Triple Seven high-B gliders, the Rook1, and the Rook2. In 2020, here is 777 latest high B glider the Rook 3 with an aspect ratio of 5.6 flat and 4.1 projected which is pretty conservative and well-targeted for a High B

The new BC system

6. May, 2020

With Rook 3, we are entering a new era of the BC system evolution. All of our future three-liner models will have this system incorporated in the design of the risers. Check more about it in the Triple Seven technology section HERE

Rook 3 insight (XC mag interview)

13. March, 2020

Media crew from Cross Country magazine visited the stand of Triple Seven at Stubai Cup and asked our Matjaz about the insights of the Rook 3 design. The talk follows the aspects of the design used in the new Rook 3.