Lightweight risers – Triple Seven LR technology

When other paraglider manufacturers go Light, they often compromise user friendliness in a number of ways, not least by using round risers made from Dyneema cord. These risers look and feel unfamiliar to most pilots, and are tricky to fit usable speed systems to.  As a result, many pilots end up choosing the standard risers on their lightweight wings, because these are simply easier to live with and less intimidating to look at – but that means some of the weight saving is lost.
At Triple Seven we decided to address this challenge in our usual uncompromising way; we sourced a flat Dyneema material that looks and feels almost exactly like the standard black Nylon webbing, is even stronger and also MUCH lighter. With our lightweight risers made from this material we have several advantages over the risers made from Dyneema cord:

  • Similar look and feel to standard risers,
  • Handling just like we’re all used to,
  • Risers can be fitted with the exact same speed system as we use on our standard wings – it doesn’t just look the same, it works the same too
  • MUCH lighter than standard Nylon risers – combined with the Soft Links used instead of Stainless steel maillons for the line attachments, the weight saving is +50% compared to standard Nylon risers.

The Triple Seven lightweight risers are a typical example of our approach to the design process – we identify a potential problem, then we solve it.”

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