Website section dedicated to troubleshooting. Please contact us regarding any additional information.

The BC system – explained

The Queen 2 has risers standard-equipped with the BC* system. We get lots of questions about how to use this system properly. To explain this we sent Matjaz flying, with his camera, to show how to use the system, and get the right grip on the risers with the BC system. Check out the video!

King trimming

Trough the use of the gliders, lines stretch and shrink, no matter which material is used in the production of the wings. With the King we have had this in mind since the beginning as glider has been equipped with loops on the risers to compensate the trim after hours of use. We advise the pilots flying the King

Rolls exchange procedure (Rook2 – King)

A number of our King and Rook 2 wings have been manufactured using a new sort of brake pulleys, which in many ways are superior to the well-known Riley pulleys. But some of the new pulleys have turned out to be too soft in the material, leading to increased wear on the pulley wheels. For this reason, we’re exchanging the pulleys free of charge, offering a number of different modes. New pulleys sent out to you, along with instructions on how to carry out the replacement (This is the best option if you’re unwilling to be without wing during the flying season).