When results matter CCC Class

The Triple Seven Gambit is an uncompromising paraglider, designed for winning top-level competitions together with the best pilots in the world. In spite of this, it is still very much a Triple Seven wing; fun, exciting, helpful, easy and FAST.

Compared to contempory designs in this segment, the Gambit is an easy wing to fly well; and it is easy to fly faster too. It is a very solid design and will allow the right pilot to cruise through turbulence with confidence, even at its very considerable top speed.


Number of cells137137137137
Projected area (m2)17.519.02 20.17 21.9
Flat area (m2)20.622.4 24.1 25.8
Flat aspect ratio7.
In-flight weight range (kg)85-9590-105 101-116110-125
Latest manualENENENEN


Leading-edgeDominico 30
Top surfacePorcher Skytex 32
Internal constructionPorcher Skytex 27 hard, Skytex 40 hard
Bottom surfacePorcher Skytex 27
Upper cascadesEDELRID A8000U (70, 50, 25), Liros DC 35
Middle 1 cascadesEdelrid A8000U (130, 90, 70, 50, 25), Liros DC 35
Middle 2 cascadesEdelrid A8000U (90, 50, 25), Liros DC Liros DC Dyneema® SK 99 (401, 201, 161)(301, 201, 161)
Main linesEdelrid A8000U 70, Liros DC Dyneema® SK 99 (401, 201, 161)
StabiloEDELRID A9020-030

Gambit News and competition results

And finally, closer to home…

26. June, 2019

While Levico Terme is still almost home turf for the Triple Seven crew, the Applegate Open was certainly a wee bit more exotic – but we also had a comp running in our own back yard, the Naviter Open in Tolmin/Slovenia. A much more diverse field, with pilots from all over the world, “luck” still

More Queen 2 news from the comps scene

We’d only just hung up the phone after speaking to Triple Seven USA Mr. Jaro Krupa about the Applegate Open when the phone rang again, this time with Pawel Faron (Triple Seven Poland) at the other end. He was equally excited to tell us that Alexey Milko had flown his Queen 2 into 2. place

The winner takes it all…

Ever since the queens of pop (Agneta and Anni-Frid – the two A’s in ABBA) made it clear to us sometime in the seventies, ever since then we’ve all known that the winner takes it all – now the winner is a new Queen, the Queen 2!! Recent events around the world have made it

XC mag interview

11. June, 2019

Cross Country magazine made a short stop at the Triple Seven tent while Kössen testival was taking place in Austria. Matjaz explained what is in pipeline for the near future at Triple Seven.

Q-light in the Red Bull X-Alps

10. June, 2019

Marko Hrgetic from Croatia is a special friend of Triple Seven – he’s just the kind of pilot we admire, with his independent style and immense commitment to his projects. In just a few short days he’ll be in Salzburg/Austria, lined up alongside the other top athletes of our sport for the Red Bull X-Alps