When results matter CCC Class

The Triple Seven Gambit is an uncompromising paraglider, designed for winning top-level competitions together with the best pilots in the world. In spite of this, it is still very much a Triple Seven wing; fun, exciting, helpful, easy and FAST.

Compared to contempory designs in this segment, the Gambit is an easy wing to fly well; and it is easy to fly faster too. It is a very solid design and will allow the right pilot to cruise through turbulence with confidence, even at its very considerable top speed.


Number of cells137137137137137
Projected area (m2)16.517.519.02 20.17 21.9
Flat area (m2)19.520.622.4 24.1 25.8
Flat aspect ratio7.
In-flight weight range (kg)80-9085-9590-105 101-116110-125
Latest manualENENENENEN


Leading-edgeDominico 30
Top surfacePorcher Skytex 32
Internal constructionPorcher Skytex 27 hard, Skytex 40 hard
Bottom surfacePorcher Skytex 27
Upper cascadesEDELRID A8000U (70, 50, 25), Liros DC 35
Middle 1 cascadesEdelrid A8000U (130, 90, 70, 50, 25), Liros DC 35
Middle 2 cascadesEdelrid A8000U (90, 50, 25), Liros DC Liros DC Dyneema® SK 99 (301, 201, 161)
Main linesEdelrid A8000U 70, Liros DC Dyneema® SK 99 (401, 201, 161)
StabiloEDELRID A9020-030

Gambit News and competition results

First World Cup exposure – Michele Boschi and Gambit impress

16. September, 2019

It’s all very well to have made a big splash in a relatively small pond (Czech, Slovak and Lithuanian Open), it’s a different kettle of fish to jump into the ocean and do the same – and we were as keen to see how it went as most of you out there! As it turned

Gambit CCC wing – first official win!

13. September, 2019

The grand Macedonian Gambit debacle was very disappointing for us here at Triple Seven – so we were super stoked when our local ace Primoz Susa asked to fly the Gambit in the Slovenian leg of the Czech, SLovak and Lithuanian Open, which took place in our “back yard” here in Tolmin/Slovenia. Primoz flew in