LCT Laser Cut Technology

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, manual labour often struggles to match the precision offered by today’s advanced machinery. A notable example is the laser cutting of wing panels. At Triple Seven, we have made a strategic choice to push panel optimization to a level where traditional knife cutting is no longer viable. This has led us to incorporate laser-cutting technology across all our wing models. While this adjustment introduces additional time and costs, the benefits are manifold.

This advanced technique results in intricately detailed perforations on the wing panels, achieving reduced weight without compromising material strength in critical areas. Additionally, the laser’s precision melts the ripstop fabric’s edges, fusing the materials together for heightened tear resistance. It’s important to note that this level of sophistication impacts the wing’s pricing, attributed to the extended time required for the precision cutting of fewer panels simultaneously. However, when our goal is nothing short of perfection, this approach becomes not only beneficial but imperative.


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