Durable by Design, Lightweight by Nature

The fouth itteration of famous Rook model is no more than revolutionary. The concept of the design shifted to a hybrid lightweight construction optimized for an endurance with carefully placed materials throughout the canopy. The Rook 4 pilot will benefit from the feather like take off that won’t surprise in any condition and will take him on a care free hard and long XC adventures deep in the wild of any corner of the earth. Enjoy the benefits of a new BC system that makes active flying as fluid as on two liners. The Rook 4 is the wing tailored for pilots who demand a perfect balance between super high performance and the high passive safety of the B class.


Size S MS ML L
Number of cells 61 61 61 61
Projected area (m2) 19.3 21.2 22.7 23.8
Flat area (m2) 22.9 25.1 26.9 28.8
Projected span (m) 9.1 9.6 9.9 10.1
Flat span (m) 11.4 12.0 12.4 12.7
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.43 4.43 4.43 4.43
Flat aspect ratio 5.75 5.75 5.75 5.75
Glider weight (kg) 3.8* 4.0 4.2 4.5*
In-flight weight range (kg) 70-85* 80-98 90-108 100-119
Certification LTF/EN B* B B B*


Upper surface MJ32MF P/D Coating
Leading edge Porcher Skytex 38
Bottom surface Skytex 27 Double Coated
Profiles Porcher Skytex 40/32 Hard finish
Suspension and main lines A-8001 Magix Pro
Riser material 7 mm Kevlar-reinforced Nylon webbing
Speed system Polarwave pulleys
Carabiners Delta Maillon
Brake attachment Magnet clip-in system


  • Lightweight hybrid
  • Pronounced arc in tune with winglets
  • SDT Segmented Diagonals Technology
  • BPI Back Position Intake technology
  • OCV Optimized cross vents
  • EN-B, LTF-B certification


  • Glider Rook 4
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt
  • Repair kit
  • Welcome card

Rook 4 News and competition results

Unlocking Innovation: Rook 4 Technical Insights with Aljaž Valič

7. May, 2024

With the abundance of innovation implemented in our new Rook 4, we felt it was necessary to sit down with our designer, Aljaz Valic, and discuss all the main points of the design features in this new high-end B-wing. Join us in a YouTube video where we delve into the backend of the Rook 4

Rook 4 / Durable by Design, Lightweight by Nature

1. May, 2024

The Rook 4 boasts so many innovations that we were bound to work on it for the last three years. A lightweight hybrid with lots of new functionalities is now ready for you in sizes MS and ML. The rest are to be ready by the end of the month. Read more about the new