BC system – Triple Seven BC system

Introducing the latest Triple Seven BC system, equipped with a double gearing system to reduce the force needed to engage the system. Get ready to conquer fast ridge racing and valley crossing with ease.

Our designers have continuously evolved the BC system, resulting in a design where the risers coexist with the system. Doing so avoids unnecessary trim corrections that occur with higher frequency when incorporating the system into the risers. Due to variations in line length during use, it can be challenging to predict their behaviour when used as a floating attachment point.

We use rings on the BC system that may give the impression of a high friction point on the Dynema line. However, while testing different pulley systems, we identified potential friction points where pulleys could damage the riser over time. To overcome this, we separated the BC line from the risers, allowing the system to function without twisting the riser during use. Our system ensures stress-free riser and line arrangement, providing constant placement of the line at the exact spot required. Changing the sole line is much less complicated, dangerous, and costly than changing the entire riser.

Our easy-to-use BC system is suitable for pilots ranging from low B to the latest three-liners.


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