Mathieu Vermeil

Country: France


Former ski instructor, I am fond of mountaineering. Living in Haute Savoie, France, I began paragliding in 1999. After a few school flights, I was caught the 1st time I couldn’t see the landing from the take-off. Enthusiastic after this “XCountry”, I quickly participate in competition and made my 1st PWC event in 2004 (Tapalpa, Mexico). Since then I flew on 4 continents with more than 30 different countries and dozens of events at all level. I am always keen on discovering new places from the sky, try new transitions and scrape the sky, but I am not a tough speed bar pusher.
I was flying a 2 liner at the Italian Open 2014 when I noticed Aljaz Valic flying a very efficient C glider, the Queen from 777 Gliders. As the Serial class looks to reborn again, I enjoy to participate with their new EN­D, the King.

With this wing, I hope :
to finished in the podium of the 3 liners in a major event like the French or Italian Open which will stand in Val Louron and Monte Cornizzolo this year, to discover new sites, close or far from home, to fly over the top of the Mont Blanc, which is the highest peak of my hometown, and to approach the distance of Nicole Fedele’s flight with the same wing :­)