Marion Karczewski

Country: Germany

Current Glider: Knight


I used to be a windsurfer….
First I was not sure, if I like flying more than windsurfing.
But then I was 1000 meters above launch at the Emberger Alm. I didn’t know what to do being so high. ( and even a bit worried, because I couldn’t see the windsock on the landing)
Back on the ground I asked the other pilots what to do, if you are high. I recognized that it is important to have a plan. Or even a plan B…
On a not flyable day a funny Swiss pilot told me some of his stories about xc-flying.
Then I thought: This is really cool !!! I want to become a cross-country pilot.
This was in 2007.

Now, when I go flying, the plan is every day the same: Fly as far as possible.
Maybe I’m not the best pilot, but I always have plans to make the best out of the day.
I am a cross country pilot now…
At present my personal best is 138 km.
I’m flying now a Triple Seven Knight and I’m happy to be part of the team.
If I can fly further we’ll see. But that I have fun with the Knight I just know after a few flights.