Jules Perrin

Country: France

Current Glider: Queen2

Pilot's pages



My name is Jules Perrin, I’m 16 years old and I am from the French Alps.
For 3 years now, I am a paraglider pilot. It started out as an activity for fun, but today I am in Font Romeu. I am being trained by awesome pilot trainers, all part of the champions in this discipline, to become myself one day part of them.
Or at least this is what I am working towards. In these last 3 years, I have flown over 200 hours and I have done more than 300 hours of ground handling. A few months back, I received my Queen 2 and I have so far flown 50 hours with her. She is my Queen. She will accompany me on my first competition and will help me grow in the cross country flying.