Hugo Sousa

Country: Portugal


Started flying in 2002 in the small island of Santa Maria in the
Azores. Started Portuguese National events in 2004 as wind-dummy.
Crash landed that same year and injured my back, but made the promise
of not to stop flying with a bad memory. In 2007 I decided to start
from zero and had my first goal in the competition that year.
Since then, I’ve been a somewhat regular pilot at National
Competitions and my best result so far is a 3rd place in the
Portuguese Sport National Championship.

Why Triple Seven?
I like fresh starts, and I value people who have the courage to begin
a project like Triple Seven. It also helps that they make great

Why Queen 2?
I like to be competitive without having to fly something too
demanding. I believe the Queen 2 will be exactly that. The best match
to my skill level and giving me no excuses to win a competition or
make a great XC flight.