Franek Rakun

Country: Slovenia

Current Glider: King


All my children’s memories are full of paragliders who were landing near my house where I grew up. For me they were like Gods with wings. Laid down on grass, looked to the sky, right there where I wanted to be, where everything is without any limits, only freedom. Me and my friend made a parachute. We made it only with a foil. We tried to flew, but we failed over and over again.
Now I’m flying for 16 years. Good weather without a flight I barely remember. At the beginning it was only for fun,recreationally, but that’s not enough. Today is my way of life. Everything in my life is adapted to flying. Job and hometown are near my take off, time and family members who are accepting that kind of life. I personally love the most XC flying over alps, at bad weather is enough ground handling. In Slovenija you can choose and take everything what you want- plane flight, roped flying, alps, you can find even cliffs. Now I’m flying D class, most of terrain I discovered, last four years, with my King. I can’t wait for new adventures with Kings successor, because only with King I feel free and alive… and yes after rain there’s always a flight.