Andria Lea

Country: USA

Current Glider: Rook2

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I started paragliding in 2016 in Tennessee, and my first year was all mountain flying. The
following summer I discovered towing in the Illinois flatlands, and it was there I also discovered
my love of going XC. The element of the unknown excites me. With each progressively longer
flight, I become hungrier for distance and my desire to achieve new personal bests intensifies.
My airtime continues to be split between mountain and flatland flying all over the country, and
I enjoy the unique challenges each has to offer.
In 2017, I began competing regularly and was instantly hooked. Flying comp tasks has allowed
me to improve tremendously in so many ways, and I made my first glide into goal on the Rook2!
I want to consistently represent Triple Seven on podiums and be a positive ambassador for
female pilots overall- not only in the US, but also eventually abroad.
When I’m not flying solo, I’m doing tandems with Chicago Paragliding as an USHPA certified
tandem instructor. It’s a very special experience to share my passion for this sport and the
beauty of the sky with others.
I’m very excited to join the Triple Seven team! My next ambition is to complete my first 100-
mile flight on the Rook2. I love the safety and performance this glider provides, and anything is
possible with hard work. Most importantly, I hope to motivate and inspire others in our flying
pursuits for many years to come.