Adam Grzech

Country: Poland


I started flying in 2005 and right away was drawn to XC flying. I am especially fond of flatland flying where I feel there are no limitations on choosing my route other then the clouds. I try to take part in competition once in a while but rather for practice.

Paragliding is also a great way of exploring a world for me. I flew in Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and all around Europe from Sierra Grande to the Nordcapp. When choosing destinations I look for XC potential. In Brazil I broke polish open distance record 368km in 2013 and declared goal 318km in 2014. On the polish ground I hold a tandem record 128km and also broke an unofficial territorial record flying 313km from the spot just half an hour away from my home.

Nonetheless I am constantly looking for big flights opportunities as there are few thing compared to the final glide in the sunset light after a fulfilling flight.