Technical data and sizes

Number of cells 24 24
Projected area (m2) 11.2 12.9
Flat area (m2) 13 15
Projected span (m) 6 6.4
Flat span (m) 7.2 7.7
Projected Aspect Ratio 3 3
Flat aspect ratio 4 4
Glider weight (kg)
In-flight weight range (kg)
Certification LTF/EN / /


  • BPI – Back Positioned Intake (wide speed range, stability, flare, easy inflation)
  • RLE – Rigid Leading Edge (easy inflation, increased glider performance)
  • 3 liner risers, with release trimer system
  • AB cascade for pitch stability
  • A,B,C perforated diagonals for compact but still light canopy

Main features

  • Speedflying glider launchable by foot
  • Nice wing inflation
  • Easy launch characteristics, with good takeoff lift (low launch speed)
  • Direct precise brake control
  • Pitch stability in turbulence
  • Adjustable trim speed for wide glide range (fast descent or good glide to the landing)
  • Good max glide (soaring, flying out to landing after downhill)
  • Nice landing characteristics with easy flaring

Package includes

  • Speedflying glider SKEWER
  • Glider strap
  • Inner bag
  • Triple Seven T-shirt

Skewer News and competition results

Our hero, on the Cloudbase Mayhem

22. February, 2018

As you may have heard, Triple Seven team pilot Marko Hrgetic made quite a splash at the recent Monarca open in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Marko beat most of the 2-liner CCC wings by coming third Overall in the event – on his new Queen 2 EN C glider. Now we all know that Marko