Queen News and competition results

New Q-light 3

14. November, 2022

The Q-light 3 stands firmly in the area of the C class. It was certified without additional collapse lines, so you can expect it to behave like the C-class wings are bound to behave. Suppose you are a pilot that flew the high B extensively last year. Crunched some XC kilometres and rode the big

Triple Seven in 2023

5. October, 2022

At Coupe Icare, Ziad Bassil sat down with our designers, the Valic brothers, and spoke about new products that could see the market in 2023. A tandem, D-class two-liner, Q-light 3, and more.  

Queen 3 – Ziad’s verdict

3. October, 2022

One of my preferred gliders in the C category was a Q-Light 2 S size. Handling, turning behavior, feel under it, climb rate in weak, glide, were all 90 % over 100! Now Triple Seven introduced the Queen 3 in slightly different sizes than the older model. The SM size I’m test flying goes from

Queen 3 certified

3. September, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that we have Queen 3 certified in MS and S, with ML following shortly after. Both sizes are already available for purchase with your local dealer.

Rook 3 and Viera on podium in Switzerland

7. July, 2022

Rook 3 and Viera Schwery blazed through the Swiss open competition! Viera managed to place 3rd in sports class overall and placed 3rd on the podium with ladies overall. What a great achievement that is! Big congrats from the Triple Seven team! Results can be seen HERE