The Q-light is the latest step in our ongoing push to make lightweight versions of all our wings. Our background for this push is the fact that the PG world is going LITE, something we fully support, and we want our product range to reflect that fact.

The Q-light inherits all of the design and flying characteristics of the Queen 2, but it does so in an even lighter, more agile package. In the air you’ll be hard pushed to even notice the difference, but on launch and when you are walking towards it the difference is clear – this is a thoroughbred race horse in a para-alpinist disguise. Use it for your own long-distance adventures, or use it like a Queen 2 that saves you some sweating whenever you carry it around!



Size S MS ML L
Number of cells  73 73  73  73
Projected area (m2) 20 21.4  22  22.9
Flat area (m2) 23.6 25.3  26  27
Projected span (m) 9.6 9.9  10  10.2
Flat span (m) 12.1 12.6  12.8  13
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.6 4.6  4.6  4.6
Flat aspect ratio 6.3 6.3  6.3  6.3
Glider weight (kg) 3.9 4.2  4.3  4.4
In-flight weight range (kg) 70-85 79-99  95-108 100-120
Certification LTF/EN C C C C
Test reports Test report Test report Test report Test report
Sticker Sticker Sticker Sticker Sticker


Leading edge Dominico 30
Upper surface Skytex 27 Classic II (Double coated)
Bottom surface Skytex 27 Classic II (Double coated)
Internal construction Porcher Skytex 27 hard finish


Webbing Flat Dyneema 13 mm
Brake ring Tylaska 4 (original)
Pulleys 4x Harken P18



  • Back Position Air Intakes – perfect internal pressure at all angles of attack
  • BC System – for active flying with C riser control
  • Mini-ribs in the trailing edge – better trailing edge definition and reduced ballooning
  • Optimized mix of line diameters and materials – performance with maximum longevity and safety
  • Refined wingtip design – minimal induced drag and intuitive handling
  • Optimized aerofoil – great climbing abilities
  • Trim speed adapted to the pilot target group – fast, but not so fast as to be demanding to launch and land…
  • Porcher 27g/m2 except for the leading edge
  • Dominico 30 in the high-stress area around the leading edge
  • EN C certification

Triple Seven lightweight risers

When other paraglider manufacturers go Light, they often compromise user-friendliness in a number of ways, not least by using round risers made from Dyneema cord. These risers look and feel unfamiliar to most pilots, and are tricky to fit usable speed systems too. As a result, many pilots end up choosing the standard risers on their lightweight wings, because these are simply easier to live with and less intimidating to look at – but that means some of the weight saving is lost.
At Triple Seven we decided to address this challenge in our usual uncompromising way; we sourced a flat Dyneema material that looks and feels almost exactly like the standard black Nylon webbing, is even stronger and also MUCH lighter. With our lightweight risers made from this material, we have several advantages over the risers made from Dyneema cord:th.


  • When the complete package of overall performance and especially pleasurable feel and handling and strongly present, it’s the heart that influences the writings.
    For me it was indeed rewarding, to test fly this Q-Light S! A must test fly if you are looking for a light companion for a hike and fly adventures or XC performance flying. And of course a very strong contender for the sports class competitions.

    Read full review +

Q-light News and competition results

Hurricane Open in Dunlap, Tennessee – it was a tale of Queens…

26. September, 2019

The Hurricane Open was, by the looks of it, a very successful event, with no less than 6 tasks in 7 days. It’s almost standard fare to see the Queen 2 on the top of the podiums these days, but this event was something special even in the annals of Queen 2 comp success; top

And finally, closer to home…

26. June, 2019

While Levico Terme is still almost home turf for the Triple Seven crew, the Applegate Open was certainly a wee bit more exotic – but we also had a comp running in our own back yard, the Naviter Open in Tolmin/Slovenia. A much more diverse field, with pilots from all over the world, “luck” still

Q-light in the Red Bull X-Alps

10. June, 2019

Marko Hrgetic from Croatia is a special friend of Triple Seven – he’s just the kind of pilot we admire, with his independent style and immense commitment to his projects. In just a few short days he’ll be in Salzburg/Austria, lined up alongside the other top athletes of our sport for the Red Bull X-Alps Q-light review

14. May, 2019

Sepp Schwitzer from made another honestly positive review of our Q-light lightweight EN/LTF C wing. The review is in the German language, but we’ve made a rough Google translate text for you: The Queen 2, the already familiar EN-C track wing of Triple Seven, is now also available as a lightweight version. With 4.2

Ziad Bassil tries the Q-light

17. December, 2018

We already sent a wing to Ziad Bassil (of fame) for him to review. It pleases us no end to read that he is positively RAVING about it, in his trademark subdued style. We suggest you check out his conclusions over at and arrive at your own conclusions. We’re expecting to be able