From hill training to cloud base

Safe and relaxed from school to cloud base. Our Pawn is developed for maximum safety and flying ease. As such, this glider is ideal for beginner pilots just starting the game of paragliding adventures. It is designed to be your first glider, but also to be a pure fun rider that you will use for many years, during your first XC steps or in fact in any other direction you might decide to pursue in paragliding.


Number of cells404040
Projected area (m2)20.122.925.6
Flat area (m2)23.827.130.2
Projected span (m)
Flat span (m)10.911.612.3
Projected Aspect Ratio3.73.73.7
Flat aspect ratio555
Root Chord (m)
Glider weight (kg)
In-flight weight range (kg)65-8080-100100-125
Test reportslink, stickerlink, stickerlink, sticker
Latest manual all sizesEN FR GEREN FR GEREN FR GER
S – class 1M – class 1L – class 1
Certification LTF/ENAAA


Upper surfaceNCV Skytex 38 Universal
Bottom surfaceNCV Skytex 38 Universal
ProfilesNCV 9017 – E29A
DiagonalsNCV 9017 – E29A
LoopsCOUSIN 608 10mm
Reinforcement loopsNCV F06391 – E45A, SR-Scrim X15
Internal construction
D-Ribs, H-Straps, Mini ribs
NCV 9017 – E29A
ThreadSerafil 40/2000, 60/2000
Upper cascadesCousin 0,95mm (Blue,Orange) Dyneema
Middle cascadesCousin 1,8mm (Blue Yellow,Orange) Technora
MainCousin 2,1mm (Blue,Yellow) Technora
Brake linesCousin 0,95mm (Orange) Dyneema
Main brakeCousin 260/2.1mm (Red)
ThreadSerafil Amann 60/0415
FabricGüth & Wolf Black 80682/19mm
FabricGüth & Wolf Black 70 404/12,5mm Dyneema
Color indicatorCordura 200/200PU
ThreadSerafil Amann 20/4000, 20/1078
Brake SwivelFob ningbo – china 6mm
MaillonsRapid Peguet 20mm
PulleysSpeed: 4 x Finsterwalder Mini role metal 28mm, Brake: 2 x Riley plastic 35mm



  • Glider: PAWN
  • Backpack
  • Inner bag
  • Glider strap
  • Triple Seven T-shirt

Pawn News and competition results

Training with champions, Anton Svoljšak and Pawn (Video)

9. September, 2015

We spent a day with our team pilot, Anton Svoljšak who placed 3rd in World championship PG accuracy last month in Indonesia. It takes lots of effort and training to bring the wing down to 0 cm spot, for sure Anton and Pawn are the winning combination.

Pawn and Anton on the podium of accuracy World championship

17. August, 2015

In less than one year time, Tone was able to achieve another great result in biggest competitions in accuracy paragliding. This time the World championship was held in Indonesia and Tone achieved another podium with his Pawn wing from Triple Seven gliders. Tone is dedicating his life to paragliding sport and in last years he

Pawn makes over 100 km

11. May, 2015

Our team pilot Lara proved that Pawn can make long XC flights. She got her wing soon after she finished the school and has been pushing the bar since then. Just 3 weeks back she missed mark 100km by few hundred meters but that did not stopped her. She used the potential of the day and went cross county in famous Soča valley.

Pawn review by Cross Country

27. November, 2014

Our Pawn that is certified in LTF/EN A got reviewed by Cross Country magazine. Pawn proved to be the best option for many students as well as pilots seeking long XC flights while keeping maximum passive safety. Pawn is definitelly capable to bring joy to both of them. Here is what Marcus King wrote about it.

3rd place at World champsionship medal for Anton and Pawn

12. September, 2014

We are stoked to see that our team pilot Anton Svoljšak made it to the podium at European championship in accuracy landing. The competition was held in Vršac, Sebia. Anton has a long history of great achievements in accuracy landing competitions. At the European competition he was able to make: