BC system – Triple Seven BC system

The newest Triple Seven BC system incorporates a double gearing system, created to ease the force of the pull needed to engage the system. From now on, prepare to master these fast ridge racing and valley crossing.

The evolution of the BC system went its way with every designer’s iteration. Our idea was to have the risers that coexist with the system, avoiding unnecessary trim corrections that occur in higher numbers and more frequently if we incorporate the system into the risers themselves. Every line has a downside with its length variations through use, so things are hard to predict if you use them as a floating attachment point.
The rings we use on the BC system may give a fault impression of a high friction point on the Dynema line, but while testing the pulley system, we saw a potential source of friction points that could harm the riser through time. That way, we divided the BC line from the risers and made the system work without twisting the riser while using it. Additionally, if you want to give the pilot the utmost stress-free riser and line arrangement, our system provides just that with the constant placement of the line at the exact spot needed. It is much more complicated, dangerous, and costly if you need to change the riser itself than it is with the option of changing the sole line.

That way, we are offering an easy BC system that pilots can use from low B to the latest three-liners with such a design.


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