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Večkrat slišimo, da « če ni krilo, potem je pilot ». To drži, ko govorimo o tem, da ni krila, ki bi slabega pilota naredilo dobrega. Bo pa tudi držalo, da odlično padala naredi


We’re often told that « it isn’t the wing, it’s the pilot ». And while it is true that no wing will make a bad pilot great, it’s also true that an extraordinary wing WILL seriously improve your flying! The Rook 3 (EN B) is that wing; a paraglider to make the very most of YOUR skills.

New look!
The looks made to support the Triple Seven philosophy, performance, and safety optimization above all. The new design incorporates the smallest number of seams possible. Just about any stitch in the canopy is there for the performance purpose. Only the coloring of the panels creates this beautiful racing look.
When we deducted the number of the seams, we ended up with canopy with a significantly reduced percentage of pressure leakage. We created a canopy, pressurized to the highest point possible at any given flying regime.

Rook 3 News and competition results

New wing? When? « Now »

16. février, 2022

Fly your new Triple Seven in a matter of days! Our production facility carved its way through the Covid situation with smart managing, providing us with sufficient product flow all the time. That means that our stock is ready as always for you to enjoy the Triple Seven wing right after purchase, without delays. Talk

Did you know? – Laser cut

Each Triple Seven wing is cut solely with laser cutting technology, and we were the first to demand this from our production facility for a full range of wings. The precision of a laser-cut against the usual knife cutting reflects the final accuracy of the production of the wing. While we strive for perfection in

Marko and King 2 – The winning match

Marko Hrgetic – RedBull X-Alps Team Croatia won the sport class and finished 3rd overall at the Mexican Nationals flying the #king2 Congrats for yet another great result! King 2, “la bala” (the bullet) Even though there are some reviews on the internet about King 2 from Triple Seven Paragliders, I decided to write my

3. février, 2022

The evolution of the BC system went its way with every designer’s iteration. Our idea was to have the risers that coexist with the system, avoiding unnecessary trim corrections that occur in higher numbers and more frequently if we incorporate the system into the risers themselves. Every line has a downside with its length variations

Triple Seven wing check

27. décembre, 2021

Wetter you are a tech-savvy pilot that knows how to check your wing, or you are a part of a company that performs the checks. This manual will help you measure the Triple Seven wing correctly, achieving the correct values to perform the right trim of the wing. To look at the manual in pdf,