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The new R-light 3

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The new ROOK 3


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The new KING 2


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Triple Seven Latest news

  • New wing? When? « Now »

    16. février, 2022
    Fly your new Triple Seven in a matter of days! Our production facility carved its way through the Covid situation with smart managing, providing us with sufficient product flo ...
  • Did you know? – Laser cut

    Each Triple Seven wing is cut solely with laser cutting technology, and we were the first to demand this from our production facility for a full range of wings. The precision ...
  • Knight 2 – Total confidence!

    9. novembre, 2021
    Completly new Knight² is here, certified in the full range from XS to the size L and available with your nearest Triple Seven dealer. Learn more about it HERE ...

News from the field

  • Marko and King 2 – The winning match

    16. février, 2022
    Marko Hrgetic – RedBull X-Alps Team Croatia won the sport class and finished 3rd overall at the Mexican Nationals flying the #king2 Congrats for yet another great result ...
  • World champion! Seungil and the Deck

    9. novembre, 2021
    Seungil Ahn (South Korea) landed his new title, a World champion at PGA Worlds 2021 in Macedonia. The harsh competition faced interesting conditions where Seungil was able to ...
  • R-light 3 and Oliver placing 3rd in overall c...

    4. octobre, 2021
    Famous competition site, Buzet in Istria. A place where Rook 1 debuted in competitions and won ahead of open class at that time. Now, ten years later, we lend the R-light 3 to ...

Featured reviews

King 2 The overall performance of the 3 liners EN-D King 2 is reducing a little bit more the big gap of performance between the 3 liners and the 2 liners.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
The Rook 3: The Rook 2 fans had to wait for a long time, but it was all worth it. The Rook 2 was already on the top of his game, but the new Rook 3 is improved in many areas.

Thermik magazine

Knight 2 On Knight 2 they managed to combine very good performance, accessibility, excellent agility, with a high degree of pleasurable flying.

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe