Who we are, Aljaž and Urban

After designing and building RC models just being kids dreaming of flying, we soon started to fly sail-plane gliders at the age of sixteen. Wanted to be free of all restrictions we found ourselves in paragliding, the real Free flying sport. With almost two decades of paragliding experience, we are known mostly for our top competition results and world records. Half of this time we were working for other paragliding companies as designers and test pilots. We pride ourselves with openly sharing our knowledge, amongst ourselves and the pilot’s community.

Development, Testing, and Production

It all starts with the purpose and technical goals of a paraglider. Afterward, comes endless iterations between the glider's design work, the careful creation of prototypes, and testing. At this stage paying attention to small details in the design and creation of prototypes is really important until finally, the glider is ready for production.

Technical design is based on our close cooperation with software developers with whom we have been working for over five years. Almost every month there is a new feature added according to the designer’s suggestions, which makes work easier and enables more complex operations.

We believe the quality of a good designer is that he is never really satisfied with his creation and that he is constantly searching for new solutions and better results. This not being enough, we have decided to produce our gliders near our company in Europe, as we want high-quality production and product control of our prototypes and finalized gliders.

What we strive for

Not just looks, our company’s goal is to produce high-quality products and technologically innovative gliders of all types and classes. We are striving to develop, state of the art paragliders, with an optimum compromise between safety and performance, produced in Europe.

YES! Feelings

Since we started paragliding we were always seeking new, uncharted, something we have never done before. This is good about paragliding, it gives you so many possibilities and personal achievements.

Be it your first soaring, hike and fly, low save back to cloud base, new XC route, personal best distance, or winning a world cup competition. The list is just endless! We believe that every pilot knows this feeling when you land and you are just amazed by, what you have seen or been through. This was always our inspiration and drive. This is what we wish to Triple Seven pilots to experience.