Ziad Bassil and the Queen2 - The Verdict
18 December, 2017

Ziad has been working night-and-day to get his Queen 2 MS review ready, knowing that lots of people have been waiting for his verdict. And rather than trying to tell ya'll what he found, here's the full text from his own review blog, courtesy of Ziad himself. If you were hoping he'd hate it so that you could strike it off your own shortlist you will be VERY disappointed!

In case you can't wait for the .pdf to load, here's Ziad's conclusion for you - now call up your dealer to book that demo flight!

"Today’s paragliding designs and progress seems really demanding. Manufacturers are working super hard for getting the bar slightly higher !I felt that in XC mode, the new top 3, C’s can be very close. The Queen 2 loaded at top, is relatively a moderate C glider, that could be flown quite efficiently in XC competitions and will satisfy almost any performance and speed seeker in the C class especially for its high (overall package) of climb, glide and top speed."