Our new Knight is ready!!
09 May, 2017

We've just received notice that the MS size of the Knight (EN B) has finally completed the certification procedures! This is great news for anyone looking for a stable and reassuring wing in the EN B class, with plenty of performance to go on long XC's, but with refined, sublime handling and passive safety to ensure that even relative newcomers to our sport will land with a big smile on their face.

The Knight closes the gap between our EN A school/beginners' wings, and the Rook Series. It is a more easy-going alternative to the Rook 2, the latter being designed as a top performer in the EN B class. We think that the Knight will be the ideal choice for a very large pilot segment, from talented beginners right out of paragliding school to performance-oriented "weekend warriors" wishing to take full advantage of their, perhaps infrequent, flying forays, and get the maximum value for their time and money when they do go flying.

The other sizes will follow shortly.

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