The new Queen2
02 November, 2017

Our excitement knows no bounds; we're officially announcing our latest and most eagerly awaited new model, the Queen 2. As usual, the first size to be certified and available is the MS, which is already homologated for a weight range going from 79 to 99kgs. The first of the MS size wings are set to hit the early-bird dealers in December, so you may already start booking your demo flights. The ML size follows shortly thereafter. 
We're certain that this wing is going to impress, and we would be thrilled if you would help us build the vibe by sharing the good news far and wide - we want everyone to know about it!
So what can we tell you about this new wing?
- definitely the new performance benchmark in its class
- true Valic handling due to intelligent design
- honest C class glider
- factory-fitted with a functional BC riser steering system
- optimised internal reinforcement design for structural integrity and best strength-to-weight ratio
- climbs like a demon in all conditions!
- four sizes, for a full weight range from 59 to 120kgs
We feel that this new wing is going to make a big impact on the market, and make being an acknowledged Triple Seven supporter into a lot of fun indeed! 
We look forward to your feedback to this one, and feel that 2018 is going to be a busy year for us indeed!

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