Triple Seven – Speed tops

It is time that you don’t look awesome only on the ground; it is time to look just as good also in the air. The new Triple Seven speed-tops are here to spice up the looks of the pilots and make them super slim and profiled for the best airflow possible. Further, the Triple Seven Speed Top is specifically tailored for paragliding.

We designed the sleeve to provide maximum comfort in flight and the best shape for the lowest drag possible. The Triple Seven Speed Top fits the sitting position of the pilot, with hands up high on the brakes or risers. We used a new material that stretches with the body without compromising the permeability of the material. The new Triple Seven Speed Top will stay with the pilot for a more extended period due to the exceptional quality of its material.

If you are taking one for the winter flying with very bulky clothing, we would suggest going one size up from your normal one. If you fly in wintertime with thin jackets, then the actual size you use every day would work as well.

The speed tops come in sizes S, M, L, and XL. You can order one HERE

Order yours HERE