Keeper FG+

Innovative design with a special nozzle system which prevents the oscillations of the normal rounded rescue systems. We achieved a good combination of the weight/material ratio and with this shape, it is easy to pack the chute.

FG round

Manual HERE

FG+ 31 lightFG+ 35FG+ 40
Size31 м235 м240 м2
Weight1200 g1655 g1900 g
Weight range90 kg110 kg130 kg
Decent rate5,2 м/s5,1 м/s5,1 м/s
Сertification EN 12491:2001YesYes
Line number161820

FG Square

Manual HERE

Size25 м228 м236 м2
Weight950 g1200 g1400 g
Weight range90 kg100 kg120 kg
Decent rate5 м/s4,5 м/s4,5 м/s
Сertification EN 12491:2001Yes