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Triple Seven Latest news

  • Q-light 3 review from XC mag

    7. November, 2023
    The verdict Many manufacturers are producing two-line C wings. Triple Seven rejected the idea of moving to a two-line profile for this iteration of the Queen. The feeling is t ...
  • Discover the M-Light!

    23. August, 2023
    Discover new sites and embark on new adventures with the innovative M-light! Triple Seven proudly presents a novel lightweight wing designed to cater to the requirements of hi ...
  • Limited Exclusive Offer on the King 2!

    21. June, 2023
    Ready to take your flying experience to new heights? Now’s your chance with our incredible summer sale discount on the King 2 wings in S and MS sizes! Don’t miss o ...

News from the field

  • Levi and Queen 3 win the Spanish liga nacional!

    23. August, 2023
    Levi Gyurka is flying the Queen 3 this season, and he got to win the Spanish Liga Nacional in sport class! He wrote to us: I got first prize in the Sport (En-C) category with ...
  • Lauris Pumpurs victorius again!

    31. July, 2023
    Congratulations to Lauris Pumpurs for another victorious win! Last week, he participated in the SRS Skywalk edition in Gemona, a renowned location known for its diverse tasks. ...
  • Rosanne Vaneeckhaute on podium with the R-lig...

    19. July, 2023
    Congratulations, on your impressive performance with the #RLight3 at the Belgian Paragliding Open 2023 in Krushevo! 3rd place in the Leisure Class, alongside Anatole Fontaine ...

Izpostavljena mnenja

"In turbulent and punchy cores, the Queen 2 climbs really fast! The brake authority are slightly reduced in turbulent cores, but still present and very good for a 6.3 AR, C glider. It ressembles the best ones in the C class in climbing ability even loaded at top. This is definitely a very fast climbing machine in well built thermals. For sure, any C glider will climb also, but not as fast"

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

"The keyword is performance - The construction with many nylon rods and thin lines makes itself noted in performance, especially at higher speeds with good stability and impressive glide performance" The Knight

Thermik magazine