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Triple Seven Latest news

  • New Q-light 3

    14. November, 2022
    The Q-light 3 stands firmly in the area of the C class. It was certified without additional collapse lines, so you can expect it to behave like the C-class wings are bound to ...
  • Triple Seven in 2023

    5. October, 2022
    At Coupe Icare, Ziad Bassil sat down with our designers, the Valic brothers, and spoke about new products that could see the market in 2023. A tandem, D-class two-liner, Q-lig ...
  • Queen 3 – Ziad’s verdict

    3. October, 2022
    One of my preferred gliders in the C category was a Q-Light 2 S size. Handling, turning behavior, feel under it, climb rate in weak, glide, were all 90 % over 100! Now Triple ...

News from the field

  • Rook 3 and Viera on podium in Switzerland

    7. July, 2022
    Rook 3 and Viera Schwery blazed through the Swiss open competition! Viera managed to place 3rd in sports class overall and placed 3rd on the podium with ladies overall. What a ...
  • Rook 3 and R-light 3 taking over the podium

    28. June, 2022
    It takes a group of good pilots to fly and race together in order to see which wing is the best. Rook 3 and R-light 3 smashed it at Naviter open 2022. Big congrats to Jurij Ku ...
  • Marko and King 2 – The winning match

    16. February, 2022
    Marko Hrgetic – RedBull X-Alps Team Croatia won the sport class and finished 3rd overall at the Mexican Nationals flying the #king2 Congrats for yet another great result ...

Izpostavljena mnenja

"In turbulent and punchy cores, the Queen 2 climbs really fast! The brake authority are slightly reduced in turbulent cores, but still present and very good for a 6.3 AR, C glider. It ressembles the best ones in the C class in climbing ability even loaded at top. This is definitely a very fast climbing machine in well built thermals. For sure, any C glider will climb also, but not as fast"

Ziad Bassil

Dust of the universe
"The Knight is a well-throughout low EN-B with an excellent handling, climb rate, and overall performance. Perhaps it is one of the best in its class"

Cross Country mag

"The keyword is performance - The construction with many nylon rods and thin lines makes itself noted in performance, especially at higher speeds with good stability and impressive glide performance" The Knight

Thermik magazine