At Triple Seven, the entire team is passionate about flying! We like it when each new flight teaches us something new, and we want our products to reflect that. Our wings are easy to fly well, and give just the right amount of feedback for their respective classes, so that you only land when you’re done with your project, and you land with a big smile.
One way to accomplish this lofty goal is to build all the kit lighter, and that is precisely what we’re busy doing! All new Triple Seven paragliders are weight-optimised, and we even offer lightweight versions of all new models. This means that you’ll take your Triple Seven wing places where you wouldn’t have only a few years ago, and this means that we’re helping you expand your own flying horizons. 
Our models are split into “Standard” and “Lightweight” categories – but even the Standard ones are lighter than most of their competitors. Click on the category that you’re interested in, then browse our offerings in that particular category.

Lightweight gliders