Hike&Fly from the word "GO"

The world of Hike&Fly is expanding the boundaries of what paragliding is, and whom it is for. At Triple Seven we believe that this is a great thing, and we wish to make the ultimate mountain freedom available to even more people; by making our lightweight gliders super accessible, and also by introducing the D-light, an easy EN A wing made light (the S size weighs just 2.7kgs!!).

The new D-light inherits a lot of technology from its higher-rated brothers and sisters, meaning that even though it is an EN A wing, it is also a modern and advanced paraglider, capable of carrying its pilot on all sorts of exciting adventures. It is primarily designed for the lightweight-oriented beginner, but it is perfectly capable of much more than an evening fly-down from some Alpine peak.

Special light risers with speed system:

We dedicated a lot of time to design risers that will not be only light, but will also be easier to use and handle with its flat shape that is more familiar to the pilots worldwide. We were able to save half the weight of the normal risers while keeping its full strength for the flying.


Aljaz Valic:

"Me and my brother are really excited about the whole light-weight revolution. And we think that beginners should also have the opportunity to hike up a mountain, to fly down in the calm evening air, on a glider that will look after them and remain safe and enjoyable even on the rare day when the pilot misjudges the conditions a little due to inexperience. It follows that one of our design goals was to build a wing that has the ability to penetrate a head wind that is stronger than expected, so we made the D-light with an efficient and light speed system, among a lot of other things. With this new wing, the world of H&F is open to an even wider audience, and that has to be a good thing!"

Dati tecnici e taglie

  D-light S D-light M
Numero di cassoni  29 29
Superficie proiettata (m2) 20.1 23.2
Superficie reale (m2) 24 27.1
Apertura proiettata (m) 7.85 8.39
Apertura reale (m) 10.27 11.04
Allungamento proiettato  3.06 3.06
Allungamento reale  4.4 4.4
Peso vela (kg) 2.7 kg 3.2 kg
Gamma di peso in volo (kg) 60-85 80-105
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Manuale aggiornato in tutte le taglie

Certificazione LTF/EN A A



Bordo d'attacco  Porcher 40


Porcher 27
Intradosso Porcher 27


  • Back-position intakes
  • Mini-ribs in the trailing edge
  • Dynamic, playful handling in spite of the EN A label
  • Weight-optimised design throughout
  • VERY easy inflation
  • Great performance and speed for its class
  • Easy, efficient speed system
  • Porcher 27g/m2 except for the leading edge
  • Porcher 40g/m2 in the high-stress area around the leading edge
  • EN A certification - ready to go on exciting adventures from the word "GO"