Triple Seven with FlyFurther camp
29 May, 2017

From June 15. to June 22. we will be hosting a completely new event in Tolmin, Slovenia - the Triple Seven FlyFurther camp! Organized by seasoned professionals like Brett Janaway and Pat Dower, the FlyFurther is most of all a learning environment for honing your fast XC and even comp flying skills.

The event is based at the famous Camp Gabrje outside Tolmin, and will feature XC task flying each day, intercepted with in-depth lectures and task analysis in the evenings, the latter do be held by true experts in their respective fields. And the best part?? You don't even need to be a flying ace to win the grand trophy of the event; a Triple Seven wing of your own choice, fresh off the Triple Seven shelves in nearby Ajdovscina! To win the glider, all you need to do is register for the event and show up, wearing the luckiest t-shirt you own, because this is one event where the grand prize goes to the luckiest rather than the best pilot! In other words, we going to hold a draw, so absolutely everyone there has equal chances of winning!

We hope to see you in Tolmin - you may register and read more about the event on