The Super Paragliding Testival in Kössen - we'll be there, but will you?
21 March, 2017

One of the biggest events in the European paragliding calendar is the SPT; the Super Paragliding Testival, taking place in Kössen, Austria i May or early June each year. This year it'll take place over the last weekend in May, from the 25. to the 28.

The SPT is unique in that it offers pilots the opportunity to demo new products from all the big paraglider manufacturers one after the other, and compare them in real time to find out which one fits their needs best.

Triple Seven will obviously be there, ready to lend you any wing, in any size, from our range of paragliders. We'll answer your questions, explain our philosophy and our innovative ideas, and generally talk paragliding from sunrise and until well into the night. We look forward to seeing you there!