Rook 2's kicking butt on home turf...
16 March, 2017

...or above the home turf, as it were :-)

The Winter Cup is a popular early-season introduction to the XC comps season in Europe - and it takes place just a skip and a hop from the Triple Seven HQ in Ajdovščina, in western Slovenia. This year's edition was blessed with excellent conditions and 4 out of 4 tasks flown, and the Triple Seven crowd ruled anything that wasn't a 2-liner... There were scores of Kings in the higher reaches of the Open Class, and in the Fun Class the Rook 2 at second place, and two out of top five. We'd like to congratulate Damjan Cretnik on his accomplishments on the Rook 2, and Dusan Durkovic and our own Aljaz Valic on their performance in the Open Class! We even had Lara Leban, on another Rook 2, making the podium in the feminine podium - well done to her as well! We could mention many more awesome Triple Seven pilots from the event, but you could also just go and check things out for yourself on! There's a lot of our wings in the nice end of the score sheet there...

Image shows the Fun Class podium, with Robert Hren, Damjan Cretnik and Peter Kocjan looking happy!


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