King goes for the distance in UK
20 April, 2016

Hugh Miller, well-known pilot, a test pilot for Cross Country magazine is giving the King a proper test with proper flying. On 17th of April, he used the skies over England and pushed the King to 200 km mark. Here is what he had to say about the flight:

The King was relaxing to fly throughout the seven hours. It’s easy to handle in the stronger climbs and remains pitch neutral, so you get nicely dampened feedback. Some might think it's a little dull at first but when it gets lively, I appreciate that kind of behaviour. And so does my Mum. It’s nice and taut across the span with lots of energy retention on glide. Of course, it's not a CCC machine, but during our comparisons, it's been consistently the best performing 3-liner at half to full bar. Nice one Triple Seven.

We congratulate Hugh for his flight and we are looking forward to a review in the XC mag.

The flight can be seen HERE

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