First flight with the Deck for Uros
22 August, 2016

Every day we have new pilots taking their first mountain flights, but this one is a bit more special. Uroš is a man of many sports, he was introduced to his first flights years ago, but in the meantime, he faced an accident with a bicycle that left him in the wheelchair. Now, after many years from his first flight, he was decent to do it again. He designed his own wheelchair that fits all the needs of flying a paraglider.
Few years after the idea was raised, he was ready to take it back to the sky. Choosing the Deck was an obvious solution as there was no possibility of making training on the slope. A safe glider was the first thing to look at. 

This Saturday, with the right conditions and a handful of pilot friends, he made it back with his first mountain flight. 

Check out the video.

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