Ambrož wins the Junior challenge
31 May, 2016

Young and long time Triple Seven team pilot, has been devoting his life in past years strictly to our loving sport. In winter he is flying tandems in Nepal and in summer he is competing around Europe visiting podiums on many occasions. This year, he switched to the King just two weeks before the Junior challenge took place in famous Greifenburg. "Hammer tag" is a well know word in this area which means for a strong day with strong conditions in the Carinthia valleys.
Ambroz has been hooked up immediately on the King and with smart flying, he was able to leave behind all the competitors that are about to write the future of the paragliding sport. Junior challenge is one of a kind, get to know the competition, but yet it brings many talented pilots that are able to push wings pulley to pulley and provide a true racing style trough an everyday task. We asked Ambroz on how he got along with the King:

I went for Junior cup challenge to train for competitions. Since it was limit up to aspect ration 7.0, I decided to fly with my brand new King. I have to say glider is really good in performance and safe on the other hand! I could push 3/4 or full bar through the thermals and fly into the wind with a little sink and good glide. It is the best overall XC wing for long flights and not a lot of stress while flying. I'm super excited about King and I am looking forward to more XC and competition.

We want to congratulate Ambrož for yet another great achievement.


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