Triple Seven Latest news


North side of Sella Nevea got enough snow to get the skis out and take Skewer for a speed fly down the slope. Guys made their white Christmas day in style.


Our friends in Italy sent us this video of great fun they had with Skewer 15. The season is high for speed runs, here in norhtern hemisphere.


Our Pawn that is certified in LTF/EN A got reviewed by Cross Country magazine. Pawn proved to be the best option for many students as well as pilots seeking long XC flights while keeping maximum


We where present at Fassa expo for the first time this year in September. Great looking sky was inviting our designers Aljaž and Urban to get our prototypes out to Canazei air. They wen't out on


We are always happy with the general feedback from pilots around the globe that get to fly our wings. Yassen Savov is a well known name in paragliding circus, he was European champion in 2012 and


Our friends at Cross Country magazine took Queen for a spin over the summer and made this nice review of the Queen. Marcus confirmed our great feedback from the pilots with strong points of the


After lots of testing we can now offer also a brand new designed reserve canopy the Keeper FG+. There are more regulations coming also to the rescue chute market and with that in mind we have


Triple Seven team prepared a small video resume of Coupe Icare festival. We are more than happy with response from the pilots. Many came to test fly the wings others where there to get info from


Our designers got interviewed by well known pilot Ziad Bassil who asked them about near future projects. Check out the video to hear what Triple Seven Gliders have to bring for you for the season

News from the field


A young and talented 777 team pilot Ruard du Bruyn once again showed his skills in Western Cape open competition. He and his Queen where making decent steps in each tasks where in the end Ruard


We are stoked to see that our team pilot Anton Svoljšak made it to the podium at European championship in accuracy landing. The competition was held in Vršac, Sebia. Anton has a long history of


Every year there is a new brand of competition that already became traditional in Tolmin. SerialCup was made to get the top pilots flying lower certification wings to teach new pilots about


We know that Pawn has great potential for XC flying even when its nicely placed in EN/A category. Mrs. Tatiana Noskova took the Pawn to the sky and landed after nice 120 km flight. Congrats on a


Denis Soverini our team pilot was searching for this day for a long time in this bad weather season. In the end he found one that took him and Queen over the 200km barier from famous Sorica take


Our team pilot Rui Nascimento has done it again! After battling it out with leading till the last day, a small error on the last day got him to a second place in sport class. The outstanding


Another succesful competition for Triple Seven Gliders with Urban Valic taking first place by 200 points in sport class with Queen. We also would like to congratulate for second place in her first


Young and talented Triple Seven team pilot came second in sport class at Barberton National Open 2014. We congratulate Ruard for another great result.

Link to the results HERE


We received great news from Portugal where our team pilot Rui Nascimento won serial class with his new Queen. In three tasks Rui was able to build up enough big lead for the win and with 6th place