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Last weekend in May, we will be moving all of our wings to Kossen super paragliding testival. A traditional event, that is visited from many countries around the globe will be hosted in Kössen, a

Valič Brothers interviewed by Marcus King

Q&A We get the lowdown from Triple Sevens research and development team.

The leading edge of the Rook 2 seems very solid and helps the wing


Every chess figure needs a platform to play on it, with that in mind we have released a new wing which is called the Deck.
Deck was designed to realise the dream of flying for everyone in the


Marcus King took Rook2 for a number of XC flights and fell in love with its climbing and performance characteristics. The Review is now public so you can read about the "best choice" wing for your


We have released a new video of the King glider. Aljaz, Urban and some friends had a perfect conditions to soar a special place that turns on only few days a year. Enjoy the movie.


We kindly invite all the pilots to join us at this years edition of Thermik messe that is traditionally held in Sindelfingen. With season knocking on the doors, we will be at the stand available


An extensive video review of the King, being compared to the wings in D class. 


Well know independent tester of the wings, Mr. Ziad got his hands on a brand new King where he was able to conclude his thoughts on the wing in his review. We where confident about the performance


Paragliding Rock the outdoor with Sébastien Walferdein took the King for a few test flights. They made first small review of the King which can be found HERE

"I admit, I was more than

News from the field


Debu Choudhury, a famous and great pilot from India decided to fly best EN/LTF D class wing at this moment and he already broke few records in India with it.
The longest flight ever made from


Hugh Miller, well-known pilot, a test pilot for Cross Country magazine is giving the King a proper test with proper flying. On 17th of April, he used the skies over England and pushed the King to


Well know Italian league competition is formed with weekend competitions that most of the top pilots from Italy get involved too. Our team pilots, Maurizio Maina and Ivan Centa where two pilots


We are happy to announce that Nicole Fedele reached her goal in Quixada, flying a new World record with her brand new King. She is now first ever woman to fly over 400 km.

Yesterday was my


Nicole Fedele, a princess of paragliding world, is returning back to Brasil in quest of new World record. 2 years ago she set up a new one with 376.5 km but is returning now after 2 years to set


Adam Grzech, Triple Seven team pilot went to Brasil in search of new kilometers and decided to make these with his brand new King. It didn't take long and he sent us his first long flight, just


Last week, there was traditional Serial Cup being held in famous Soča valley. Only wings up to C class and three days of nice racing conditions made another successful competition. We are


In less than one year time, Tone was able to achieve another great result in biggest competitions in accuracy paragliding. This time the World championship was held in Indonesia and Tone achieved


A well known competition Gin Wide open has been held this year in Tolmin, Slovenia. Big number of competitors from around the globe with nice number of our team pilots. Daniel Maraz got his Rook2