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We are happy to announce a first review to a brand new EN/LTF B Rook2 which was made by independent tester Mr. Ziad Bassil. We have had quite some people testing it in testivals and they all had a


We snapped the first photos of the whole range of Rook2. The first pieces are being sent out and first comments from the pilots are already arriving. This is what we snapped from paragliding forum


Traditional Stubai Cup took place on first weekend of March. Great weather for test flights made a busy day at Triple Seven gliders stand. Rook2 where flying all the time and it was pure joy to


2015 season is already just around the corner and traditionally we meet at the biggest European free flying fair, Thermik messe. Triple Seven gliders will be there presenting newest products for


Our team pilot Matthias had a chance to put in to high gear in winter, with Skewer 13. Here is what he had to say:

The glide-dive ratio is one of the best in the field (about the same as


With Rook2 we aimed really high, we wanted yet again to have a superior EN/B wing that will satisfy the needs of XC pilots and yet will feel superb in hands of wide range of pilots. A smile on


North side of Sella Nevea got enough snow to get the skis out and take Skewer for a speed fly down the slope. Guys made their white Christmas day in style.


Our friends in Italy sent us this video of great fun they had with Skewer 15. The season is high for speed runs, here in norhtern hemisphere.


Our Pawn that is certified in LTF/EN A got reviewed by Cross Country magazine. Pawn proved to be the best option for many students as well as pilots seeking long XC flights while keeping maximum

News from the field


Our team pilot Lara proved that Pawn can make long XC flights. She got her wing soon after she finished the school and has been pushing the bar since then. Just 3 weeks back she missed mark 100km


The season started quickly in Alps and there are already some great flights online. Peter Wallner decided to fly the Queen this year and already made an impressive flight with 220 km triangle.


This weekend there was a traditional competition in Bassano del Grappa. High level of pilots and very strong conditions where main marks to this year competition. We sent out to race Urban Valič


This weekend there was a FAI2 competition held at Lijak take off place. We have sent our designers to fly the competition with Queen and Rook2. Aljaž raced for two days finishing in great second


This weekend there was a prize giving ceremony for the Winter league that is taking place trough out the whole winter here in Vipava valley. Our team pilot Lara Leban was consistently showing good


Our team pilot Jan Tupy had a chance to use the good days down under for a flight that lasted near 300 km with his Queen. This is what he had to say about the flight: 

Hello Everyone,


A young and talented 777 team pilot Ruard du Bruyn once again showed his skills in Western Cape open competition. He and his Queen where making decent steps in each tasks where in the end Ruard


We are stoked to see that our team pilot Anton Svoljšak made it to the podium at European championship in accuracy landing. The competition was held in Vršac, Sebia. Anton has a long history of


Every year there is a new brand of competition that already became traditional in Tolmin. SerialCup was made to get the top pilots flying lower certification wings to teach new pilots about